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Why Wait?

  • On-site sample analysis saves time and money
  • Handheld instrument for use at at point of receipt or anywhere on the line
  • Preloaded calibrations for minimal set up time
  • Easy operation without extensive training or scientific background

What if your analysis of feed and ingredients no longer required sending samples to an offsite lab? What if you could perform nutritional analysis onsite at the point of delivery, cutting your waiting time to minutes? What if determining material quality was as easy as the press of a button, anywhere in a production facility.

That time has come. The portable Thermo Scientific microPHAZIR AG analyzer is the next breakthrough in feed and grain analysis.

Handheld Technology —
Throughout the Worksite

Take it anywhere. Use it anywhere. The portable, easy-to-use Thermo Scientific microPHAZIR™ AG analyzer brings the power of spectroscopy out of the lab and into your worksite. Using the battery-powered microPHAZIR AG, you can inspect feed ingredients as they arrive and determine in real-time whether to accept or reject a load. Reduce claim filings while increasing productivity.

What's more, with industry-ready calibrations — powered by INGOT™ — this completely self-contained instrument can analyze your range of animal feed and ingredients — cereals, oil seeds, milk powders, and more. It offers an intuitive workflow suitable for any production environment.

Feed Analysis in Four Easy Steps

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