Asbestos Screening

microPHAZIR for raw material identification.
microPHAZIR for raw material identification.

The microPHAZIR AS analyzer enables on-the-spot asbestos identification and delivers results in seconds.

Identification and abatement of asbestos safely and properly is of growing concern for environmental agencies and local communities around the globe. Inspections must be conducted to asses, qualify, and report the presence of asbestos in a number of manufactured goods to safely reduce the risk of human exposure.

Asbestos analysis often involves collecting samples from various sources and bringing them to a lab for further processing. This can add a tremendous amount of time and expense to the identification process.

With Thermo Scientific microPHAZIR AS, inspectors can now obtain rapid on-site screening and identification of asbestos containing materials. The 2.75 lb (1.25 kg) handheld NIR analyzer is completely self-contained and can perform accurate on-site analysis in seconds.

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