Rapid Threat Screening for Checkpoint Security

Thermo Scientific TruScreen provides airport checkpoints with high-throughput liquid explosives screening for uninterrupted passenger flow and non-invasive sampling.

Threat-screening products

TruScreen is the Thermo Scientific solution for liquid explosive screening at aviation checkpoints.

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Building on our strength in identification and authentication of chemicals, we leveraged this proven expertise to enable rapid screening for potential liquid explosive threats, directly at the point of need.

Learn more about our core use models, which include:

Chemical Identification

Thermo Scientific FirstDefender (Raman) and TruDefender FT (FTIR) are designed for identification of unknown chemicals. This is done by collecting a spectrum from an unknown material and comparing it against an on-board chemical library. The analysis result is a chemical or mixture of chemicals, including detailed chemical information.

Identify liquid explosives with TruScreen

Learn more about FirstDefender and TruDefender FT, both formerly sold under the Ahura Scientific brand.

Threat Screening

Thermo Scientific TruScreen is designed for bottled liquid threat applications. The screening systems use model is designed to quickly screen for particular items of interest in the case of TruScreen, for potential liquid explosives and precursors. This results in a easily interpreted CLEAR or ALARM result.

Receive rapid results with threat screening technology

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